Hedrick House

 Hedrick House meetingHedrick House is located at 1407 Creekview Drive. The rental facility offers the following amenities:


  • two stoves
  • two range tops
  • one refrigerator-freezer
  • one dishwasher


KitchenWarming of food is permitted only, no actual cooking is permitted at the house.  All toiletry items (paper towels, hand soap and toilet paper) are provided in the restrooms.  Mops, brooms & vacuum cleaner are also provided to help with clean up.  30 gallon trash containers with a trash bag are provided for trash.  It is recommended renters bring additional bags for clean up.  Fifteen round tables 5' in diameter, 13 rectangles tables 8'x2.5' long, 3 service tables 3'x5' and 125 chairs are included in the rental.  This equipment is stored off the main room and must be returned and stacked in the proper storeroom at the conclusion of each activity.


This facility can be only be rented by Lewisville residents and is available one year in advance. 

Hours: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. (Friday & Saturday 9 a.m. - midnight)
Capacity: 125

Deposit fee: $300, deposit is returned if everything is cleaned up and left undamaged and all policies followed. Entire deposit fee is due at time of reservation.

Rental fee: (due 30 days prior to the reservation)
1. Four hour minimum - $200/first 4 hours
2. Each additional hour is $100/per hour (12 hour maximum)

Scheduling information: Reservations can be made in person at the Parks & Recreation Department Administrative Office, located at 1197 W. Main Street or by phone  at 972.219.3550.

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Hedrick House Facility Guidelines

 exterior Hedrick House Outside view