City Pool Rules

The following City Pool Rules are listed for your convenience so you may be informed prior to your visit. Disregard for these rules can result in bodily harm and/or loss of swim privileges.
  • Children under the age of nine (9) must be accompanied by an adult (within reach) 16 years of age or older
  • Running in pool area is not permitted
  • Glass containers or objects in pool area should remain outside the facility
  • Smoking or the use of tobacco products is prohibited
  • Must have proper swim attire (see admission regulations)
  • Handling, pulling, or jumping on lane/life lines is not allowed
  • No profanity
  • Business phone is not for public use
  • Diving is only allowed off the diving board
  • No alcoholic beverages (or intoxicated person) and illegal substances
  • Animals or pets may not enter the park area
  • Only one bounce
  • No swimming in diving area
  • Sitting on the edge or hanging onto the gutter is not permitted
  • No diving off the side
  • Exit water at the nearest ladder as soon as dive is completed
  • Dive straight off the board
  • Only one person on the board at a time
  • Stand in line by keeping feet and hands off the boards and ladder
  • No goggles on the boards
  • No lifejackets on the boards
  • Patrons are only allowed to jump off the diving boards frontward, no inverted dives or flips and no back dives or flips are allowed.
  • All persons must enter and exit slide feet first only. Standing, stopping, or sliding down head first are strictly prohibited.
  • It is recommended that those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, or persons using prescription mediation and pregnant women should consult
  • their physicians before using the water slide.
  • Dress code: No metal objects, locker keys, jewelry, metal snaps, watches, etc. permitted on the water slide.
  • No diving from the end of flume or into pool from deck.
  • Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to participate.
  • Hands must be kept inside the flume.
  • The recommended weight per person should not exceed 250 pounds.
  • No chain riding permitted.
  • Skipping in line and rowdy play are prohibited.
  • No food, drinks, or smoking permitted in pool or waterslide areas.
  • No sunglasses or glasses are permitted on slide.
  • Violation of any of these rules could result in immediate discharge from the park.
  • Additional rules regarding patron safety may be added by management as necessary.


    • Children under 9 years of age must be directly attended by a swimming adult, in a swimsuit (within arm’s reach of a person at least 16 years of age) at all times in the facility.
    • Proper attire: bathing suits, board shorts or swim shirts made out of lycra may be worn. No cotton clothing, no denim, no basketball shorts, no socks.
    • No intoxication and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages
    • Tobacco products and illegal substances are prohibited
    • Admission may be refused for any reason that may endanger the health or safety of the public (i.e. open sores, rashes, runny eyes or nose)
    • Apparel that may be disruptive or distracting to the general patronage may cause staff to request the patron to be appropriately covered or exit pool.

    The following IS allowed:

    • Swim toys (except for large tubes and rafts).
    • Life preserving devices such as lifejackets (U.S. Coast Guard approved)
    • Use of devices to protect eyes, ears, nose (goggles, earplugs, etc.) (except on diving boards & slides).
    • Food and beverage consumption in designated areas (i.e. picnic tables and lawn)
    • Radios, tape players, or other single use musical devices of private listening if headphones are in use.