Central Park

photo of playgrounds and picnic pavilions at Central Park

Central Park, located at 1899 S. Edmonds and Willow Oak, was developed in 1986 as Lewisville’s Sesquecentennial Park, celebrating 150 years of independence for the Republic of Texas. The park contains 39.5 acres of which approximately 5 acres is separated on the west side of Edmonds Lane.

Park amenities include:

  • 3 picnic pavilions (reservations accepted) with approximate seating for 36. Full capacity is 50 for all three pavilions.
    • Pavilion #1 has 4 regular picnic tables and 2 handicap tables
    • Pavilions #2 & #3 both have 3 regular picnic tables and 3 handicap tables

  • band shell (reservations accepted)
  • playground
  • picnic tables
  • public restrooms
  • hike and bile trail (approximately 1 mile in length)
For additional information on this park or to report an issue with this park, please call 972.219.3550.